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Lots O' Meat

Our Boss Hog Italian Sausage is pizza perfection! It starts with the farmers whose faces are as furrowed as the fields they tend. They nurture the wheat that waits anxiously to be milled into fine flour to create our unmatched, stone-fired artisan crust. Each dough ball is individually rolled, never pressed. Pressing dough is cruel, and rolling results in a crust that is perfectly imperfect, yeasty and full of structure.

When the crust is ready, we adorn it with generous scoops of our rich & zesty secret-recipe tomato sauce, which we season “just so” with real garlic. A sauce this good should really be eaten as a meal, but instead we add heaping mounds of Wisconsin whole milk mozzarella cheese and grated aged Parmesan and Romano cheeses before gargantuan boulders of the finest, most savory Italian sausage are placed atop it all. 

This is the be-all & end-all of sausage pizza!

Boss Hog
Nutritional Info:

Use the hashtag on your instagram posts if you want to show up here!

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