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Is the cardboard supposed to be missing? back to top

We strive to use the best packaging materials in our products but in this case, the environment is more important to us. So, RIP cardboard and hello crust freedom!

My pizza isn’t round? back to top

Our dough is individually rolled, so it’s tough to get it to a perfect 360. It’s what makes us unique and also serves as a reminder we didn’t cookie cutter ourselves like the other guys.

What is a Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza? back to top

Screamin’ Sicilian is a pizza so different it needs to shout to you from the frozen section and with toppings so good, it'll make your momma holla. 

Who is Screamin’ Sicilian? back to top

Who is anyone really? J/K, we know exactly who we are; a small, craft pizza company who gives a darn about quality. Ol' man Screamin's mantra was that you should enjoy every bite of what you are shoving in your face. Pizza should be over the top, fun and get your tastebuds begging for more at the same time.

What is the story behind the Mustache? back to top

A slice of Screamin’ Sicilian is too good to waste. We keep the ‘stache thick and ready to catch any toppings that may fall off the mound.

What are Stromboli? back to top

Stromboli are Screamin' Sicilians for people on the go. A handheld Italian sandwich full of our huge toppings, cheese and sauce for all your mobile eating needs.

(They taste just as great when you aren't on the go, but rather in sweatpants, sitting on your couch, binge watchin' reruns on Netflix)

Why is your pizza so good? back to top

Why do birds fly? Why does the sun set? Because they are supposed to and pizzas are supposed to taste better than cardboard. Our topping game is strong; using big, bold ingredients in amounts that give your tongue the work out of a lifetime.

Where are your ingredients from? back to top

From the places that know them best. Case in point - all of our cheeses come from Wisconsin.

Why don't you have all varieties of Screamin' Sicilian brand where I shop? back to top

Our apologies on the lack of mouthwatering flavors available to you. Hit up your local store manager and demand more ‘stache or just tell them nicely what you wanna be eating!

How do I get coupons and deals? back to top

One coupon ahead of ya. If you haven't already, join the ScreamTeam to get the inside slice on deals, coupons, info and events delivered right to your inbox.

Where can I find nutritional information? back to top

Nutritional info lives on our flavor pages

Should I remove the cardboard underneath my pizza? back to top

When enough people ask this question, it becomes a FAQ. True Story. The answer is yes, yes remove the cardboard before putting in your oven.

Where can I find baking instructions? back to top

Check the back of the box near the bottom in those svelte ‘staches. Dog ate the box? The safest place for any Screamin' Sicilian is the center rack and cooking temps/times vary by flava.


The expiration date on my pizza is nearing, is it still ok to eat? back to top

If the date has passed, so has your pizza. Shoot us a note and let us know what happened.

My pizza is very clearly not mounded with toppings and I demand greatness. back to top

We agree. Keep your package as we’ll need a few things from the box when we talk to you with a real. live. person @ 1.855.Y.SCREAM

When baking should the pizza be put on a pan or directly on the oven shelf? back to top

Any pizza worth its toppings loves the feel of a steel grate beneath its crust. Put me directly on the rack, Jack!

Can I thaw your pizza before preparing it? back to top

We get you want a little head start with something this hot, but frozen pizza is meant to be sent straight from the freezer to the oven.

Do not eat if your pizza has been allowed to thaw.

What are the convection oven instructions? back to top

We like your style. Get to the good stuff. Either use the temp on the box and bake for less time, or lower the temp 25 degrees and bake at the recommended time.

Every oven is different, so keep checking the pizza from time to time while baking.

I looked on your website but didn’t see any instructions for grilling! What’s the best way to enjoy your delicious pizzas from the grill? back to top

Here are the instructions for baking the pizza on a grill (gas or charcoal):

  • Use indirect heat
  • Light one side of the grill to medium heat.
  • Cover and preheat for 10 minutes
  • Cook the pizza on the side without heat
  • Check at 5 minutes


OMG. I read all of these questions and can't find mine. Am I doomed to wander the planet confused forever? back to top

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