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Pizza Timer Game

Waiting for pizza to bake can be a tumultuous time in your life. It's too short to watch a show or play a level of Grand Theft Auto™, so what do you do? On top of that, turning the knob on your oven to set the timer is a lot of work. Oh, we hear you, and the conundrum ends now.

Our ingenious pizza timer will alert you to the status of your mouthwatering pizza on your phone throughout the baking process. Then to keep your mind distracted from the gooey mound of cheese oozing over gourmet sauce, we’ve also added a game. The goal: scream to catch as many savory toppings as you can in that big Sicilian mouth of yours**. The more you catch the faster those wads fly at your face. But try not to catch any bad toppings like cigarette butts, or you’ll lose your stomach contents and some points. Aww. Just like real life.

How to Play:

  1. Download the app
    from iTunes
  2. Choose your pizza
    for the timer
  3. Scream to catch
    the meatballs
  4. Share your score
    taste victory


If you've got the decibels and mouth capacity of a champ, you'll make the leaderboard and can brag to all your friends about your awesome life improving accomplishment.

Number of Wads Cool People's Names Victory Scream Share it!
3682 screamen sensation Listen
2391 pizzadude Listen
1021 madmax1 Listen
513 pizzajonnie Listen
455 milinda Listen
405 dudemeister Listen
336 bobqw Listen
303 julierry Listen
200 supergirl Listen
156 retz1 Listen
154 kolbgil Listen
125 pizzalov2 Listen
124 retz Listen
122 bono Listen
113 retz1 Listen
63 hfbgh Listen
32 bono Listen

**Disclaimer: Any resemblance to your actual mouth is purely coincidental. But if it does closely resemble you, maybe it's time to consider a shave.