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  • The newest Screamin' fan! Keep rockin' that 'stache lil' lady, it looks good on you. 

  • After this weekend that's it. Finito. It's over. 
    We know there is a huge void where football used to be. 

    We're gonna help you fill that up with more football. 

    Read up & Enter now! 

  • We're lookin' for mouths to stuff with deliciousness. We're having a taste test soon for ScreamTeamers in the Milwaukee and surrounding area. Sign up NOW!

  • Cha-Ching - it's Vegas Time for our latest winner. Hit 'em up 'stache style Kelly! Check out the deets on her sweet prize package!

  • Something new is cookin' and we are burstin' at the crust about it. Get your tastebuds and appetites ready and keep your eyes on the site and social for more deets!

  • It's as sad as an empty cardboard circle with no pizza, but our Vegas contest has ended. We've had LOTS of entries and will be pickin' a winna soon! 

  • Don't miss your shot at a what-happens-in-vegas weekend with your BFF. Enter our Vegas contest NOW!

  • Get your pie hole to Vegas on us. 

  • Shout out to our ScreamTeamers for participating in our recent taste test. We take your tastebud's opinions seriously. 

  • There's a new slice in town. Prepare for the barrage of meats to hit your piehole; spicy Italian sausage, rough-chopped pepperoni, julienne sliced hame and smokey bacon. #getsome

  • You might be picking frosting off your couch for the next three weeks with these ungrateful, over-sugared little people running around for the next few hours; so grab a slice and show em mom's still got it.  


  • Awe no he didn't!


    The magical man in tights has some serious 'splainin to do if my pizzas are gone. #elfonthefreezershelf #handsoff 

  • Got the chops to be a Screamin' creative? We're hiring and we want to give you cash money for being a stache-lovin' meme-ster. Between now and Friday December 16th, post two gut-bustin' memes with #screamin4ajob and #screaminsicilian and you could get yo'self an interview! 

  • Our Stache Envy contest winner Amanda and her family lived it up hall-of-famer style; taking in a Brewer's game last week with Rollie Fingers! 

  • T-Minus 4 days until the whisker-licken, baseball-lovin, Stache Envy contest ends! Have you entered? You did? Good for you champ. Go here and laugh instead.

  • Winner Winner, Screamin' Sicilian Dinner! Congrats to Thomas Abbott & Debra Edge who each won four tickets to see Kenny Chesney on his 2016 Tour! 

  • Our stuff-those-faces mission is in full effect. Stop by our tour page to make sure you don't miss a slice!

  • MRW I find my soul 'stache! 


  • While the Broncos and Panthers tossed around the pigskin - our biggest fans were eating ours. #threelilpiggies #biggame

  • Keep your ears to the ground and your stache close to a slice because we'll be announcing details of our 2016 tour soon!


  • Cheers go out today to those who look at pizza toppings and scream ”bring it on”. It’s national pizza with the works day – get your supreme on!  #topthis


  • The tour may be over, but taste-bud assaulting flavor is here to stay! This years cross country tour served it up Screamers! Get any on your ‘stache? Holla at us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you thought and where we should head in 2016!

  • Get a slice of the action before the tour is over. Look out MI and AZ – we’re coming for ya this weekend! #getsome

  • This wasn't your kids pizza party. A big scream goes out to Amber, the winner of our 'scream in my town' contest. Her and 45 of her friends lined up in her backyard and stuffed in the free slices until they couldn't move. #sogood #totallyworthit

  • You don't need for a hot date for the game this Sunday.

    Swing by the freezer section and pick me up. I'll be dressed and waiting.

  • Open those mouth holes Arizona & Ohio – we’ll be serving up free slices in your backyards this weekend! Check out our tour page for the specific deets.

  • Presenting the winner of the Scream in my Town Contest we held this month!

    This man, his powerful beard and his lady will enjoy a pizza party for them and however many of their friends it takes to down 60 pizzas. Eat up! #screaminmytown

  • un-bunch those lederhosen, oktoberfest Chicago and free screamin' samples may be over but you can find us anytime in your grocer's freezer?

  • Looking for a cheap date? Michigan, North Carolina, Minnesota and WI peeps, we’ll be in your back yard slingin’ samples. Check out our tour page for the DL.

  • Missing: 1,080 samples from Breckenridge Craft Beer Festival last Saturday.

    1,080 suspects were seen with smiling mouths agape and full stomachs. No charges will be pressed.

  • And it goes well with the milshakes that may or may not already be there.

    Now's your chance: Win a Pizza Party in your Crib! #screaminmytown

  • 5 Breweries. 10th Annual Festival. 1 Screamin' Sicilian

    Assault your tastebuds with the only pizza worth pairing with craft beer. Hit us up at Breackenridge Summer Beer Festival this Sunday 8/30

  • The cheeseheads gave us a piping-hot welcome this past weekend, chomping on over 1800 samples in Wisconsin!

  • Four score and (actually) 17 minutes ago, we put a screamin' Sicilian into the over in Gettysburg. Get yourself here and try some! #screaminmytown

  • How do you make a grand opening, grand?

    You serve meatballs the size of mountains, that's how! In fact 60 pizzas were served up this weekend at the newest retailer in town, MEIJER. Did you get some? #screaminmytown

  • If you live in PA, NJ, WI, or GA - put on your formal 'stache and meet us out this weekend. Holla at us on FB or Twitter or check out the Tour page for deets on the eats

  • What's better than a hot, delicious slice of screamin' sicilian brought to your door? Absolutely nothing.

    Oh it's so on. #getyours

  • The only thing hotter than this weekend's sampling event in Atlanta, were the Screamin’ slices they were slamming in their faces.

    Mad props to the screamers in the Very-Hot-Lanta for braving all 100+ degrees and tastin the flava.

  • It’s the weekend baby, time to get you a slice.

    If you can’t get to Wheaton Brew Fest this weekend to treat yourself, remember there is always a date a’waitin for you in the freezer isle.

  • Buy Three Lil’ Piggies at Piggly Wiggly. Say that 10 times fast. After that tongue work out you deserve a slice just like the hungry peeps who visited us at Piggly Wiggly locations in WI and IL last week. Do your mouth a favor and keep your eyes on Twitter for our next stops!

  • Calling all Chicago peeps, check out Sheffield Garden Walk and Craft Beer Festival this weekend.

    Bring your big kid pants and try a slice of Spicy Clucker on us! Then wash all that flavor down with some Boss Hog.

  • Chow Down in Chi Town

    We stuffed faces with 4,260 slices of Screamin' this weekend. Did your mouth catch any? Holla at us on Instagram with your tastebuds thoughts.

  • The fireworks ain’t over yet.

    Give your mouth one more round with this beast. Light em up!

  • Attention Southeastern Wisconsin pizza connoisseurs:

    Take your taste buds on a field trip this weekend. Keep an eye on your local Sendik’s and Woodman’s to sneak a taste experience so great you’ll wanna grow your own Screamin ‘stache. #youknowyouwanna

  • These toppings don’t run.

    While the rain tried, this sausage prevailed at our tour stops in Colorado this past weekend. Stay stuffed Boulder!

  • Why ARE you eating a $3 pizza with your $10 beer?

    We don't know either, so do yourself and your tasty beverage a favor and stop. Like yesterday. The good folks at the Beer Street Journal agree!

  • We know it'll be tough, but put down the pizza and pick up your mouse.

    It's time to weigh in on the great Craft Pizza Vs. Craft Beer Cage Match of 2015 and let your inner Sicilian be seen, heard and tasted.

  • Every slice needs a friend.

    Check out Beer Geek Nation's recos for what best washes down a hearty slice of our Mambo Italiano and Holy Pepperoni.

  • We're spreading the tastebud assaulting goodness across the country with stops in AZ, CO, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, NC, PA, TN, TX, WI and your momma's mouth.

    You can stalk us. In fact, we encourage it.

  • Hey there, good lookin. Wanna bring me home tonight?

    I'm now available in Kroger Stores as of today, so there's plenty of me to go around ladies and gents.

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